See Your Face

aunty take !

Just as world be so na so satan be o.

Imagine say me and you wan promote product, wetin we go do?

sabi we go find marketers whey go enter street tell them say oya” make una go telle them say this product just chook head come out.


my people na so Satan be so. he just carry hem marketers full street,

And these people don waka go sha

how i go wan watch film and film go come dey tell me say the apple adam chop give us freewill.

which kind freewill be that?



E get as person go sin, e go get to dey open hem eyes when he dey ask forgiveness.


Mr marketer,so upon all the people whey fill this big world, na my head sweet you to chop promotion ontop abi

make u no vex, i no  get money to buy this one

ann your oga no just get sense,clearly delusional.


Photo credits_ circajuly2013

Village this time.




*Reluctance to greet; because everyone is a suspect apparently.

*Expectation of respect from the young; unless you are a good for nothing.

*I heard the cock crow every morning.So you dont miss it,it crows more than a few times{31 times to be exact}.

*I watched bats perform aerobatics while trying to get back into the roof.It was hilarious, believe me.

*AHA! Antagonizers of the village head, aka IGWE.

*Juicy gossip is illustrated like this;do as i say,its pretty easy.’Fold your arms really tight across your chest’.

*TOWNCRIERS!!!! You dont see that everyday so i was elated.Everytime he showed up, he was without a shirt,i can explain that.

                                         THATS    ALL    FOLKS!!!