Tariye oh Tariye

  We met on a frustrated trip,

I could never get a grip on what you were thinking.

You treated me like no man had,

Worse as you were;You were the best.

Tantrums over nothing, yeah those were the days,

You had been a bad boy, so you had to be punished.

Stayed away from you, what a delight to see you beg

You left this world

I could never get a grip on what you were thinking.



Sister Mí

  Calm Down!

He will be faithful to you this week,…at least.

Yellow,Black,White; his favorite colours and garments are all creased?

Dropping hints bout a trip never planned?

Logical explanations seems like salt to the wound?

About to be dumped is what you is..


Good seems Bad

Orphanages are now funded on Ill-gotten wealth.

Tell this  uncle thank you,Tell this aunty thank you

How about,’ask him how he got his money?’

Smart beast, the devil is..

Even when we are unattainable, He goes before God for help!

Cover your ass; He is there

Cover your mouth; The devil is there

Let’s have a chat lucifer ;

World dominion is already yours.

I hope you know this movie ends with you dead.

Just Saying….


No Innocence

  This world is headed to a time, where the dead mock the living…

Thighs clamped shut, while craving masculine touch

Mind raped continuously, or is it?

You want it joor,’ashawo

Every sin you chastise, you commit with very low tolerance of risk

Were your tolerance high?!

Satisfaction Attained, Shame close-by 

Chastised again by those with low tolerance

And so the routine on earth continues.


Go Figure

You walk towards me and I feel the sudden irritating pang of fear.

This fear is mutual; I haven’t figured that out yet.

Fear begat Anger

Insecurity troops in

Drastic Blunders I make;

You encircled me about

Like a captive, I dwell in the past through the dreams of a future.

Time rewinds….

Oh hell no!, you better walk back from where you came from, Oloshi.



  The pink panties will be perfect,’you thought’

  He seemed like the richest in the gathering.

I’ll take Whis-key, whisk-ey; hoping your accent doesn’t give u up.

Approached, Beguilded,click!

One,two,three rounds,…….

You can’t find the keys to the door.

Bothered not is he?

Trouble Trouble have come….