Go Figure

You walk towards me and I feel the sudden irritating pang of fear.

This fear is mutual; I haven’t figured that out yet.

Fear begat Anger

Insecurity troops in

Drastic Blunders I make;

You encircled me about

Like a captive, I dwell in the past through the dreams of a future.

Time rewinds….

Oh hell no!, you better walk back from where you came from, Oloshi.




  The pink panties will be perfect,’you thought’

  He seemed like the richest in the gathering.

I’ll take Whis-key, whisk-ey; hoping your accent doesn’t give u up.

Approached, Beguilded,click!

One,two,three rounds,…….

You can’t find the keys to the door.

Bothered not is he?

Trouble Trouble have come….



  Paranoia is total awareness.

Swimming in the dark seems out of place…
A flicker of light in darkness seem normal and bizarre to you both, yes I said to you both
The music too ficking loud or nah?
Adult-ery; Someone’s got to do the job.
The formal seems out of line or nah?