Glory Abandoned


A vast word; as old as time.

Our nature; crucial to human existence

At least this was what it used to be.

Do I take you back to the earlier times of human existence, where the activities consisted of :

-hunting for feeding

-Mountain climbing to expand horizons

-running to escape predators

-engaging in physical combats to protect

-Long walks to change environment

-swimming for specific reasons like bathing or hunting

Or do I take you back to when horses had stronger spirits;

-the time of jousting, chariot racing ?

The competitive nature of man twisted it up a bit and voila,’We have sports!’

Do Your Homework.

Even while companions, limbs and lives were lost. The journey wasn’t started with nothing less than glory in mind.

Glory was the motto.

Glory was the ultimate payback.

Legends was what we became.

We only felt human when a competition arose.

Champions was what we were when victory called.

Glory abandoned for wealth is what I see now.



Nightmares And Daydreams

These days my nightmares have nothing on my daydreams.

I keep shuddering, blanking out.

No one is living their dream, only still trying to.

The graves are filled with regrets alas.

A minefield of the mind,

Trapping you, making you work relentlessly toward it.

Approval from all sides and disapproval from where it matters the most.

Do I just stop here and now?

But na only two option you get

Run or Get Trampled over.

If you run, you go run sote you go tire and you go still see say finish line na death so.

If you don’t, those daydreams that made you hope, will be your undoing.

Na life be that.


Photo credits: Isaac Emokpae

The summoning

I hadn’t seen her for a long time

And when I was summoned,

I was honored ,and I made sure I looked my best.

I couldn’t recognise you, your mistakes masked you completely from head to toe.

I cried, and I was sent back.

I had to promise I wouldn’t cry anymore.

I had to hold it all in, everything was so sad and I had to hold it in. Which kind thing be that?!

You say ‘don’t show your weakness, Its not the reason you are here’.

I can say I have mastered the act to perfection mama.


To Make You Vex

In this war of crime, I take no sides.

A Nation crippled.

The amount of news of various evil committed by Men flooding the social media has desensitized me, I must confess.

Ritual killings, defiling of little kids, looting of funds we didn’t even think was possible.

Now I just read and say oh well, wetin concern me?!

Let them kill themselves and get it over with.

Sooner than you think the wave of crime will hit you, brace yourself.

Any of you without crime should throw the first stone, I dare you..

Its easier to do it behind the safety of your username on social media.

What I dare you to do is to shun even the littlest acts of crime happening around you.

Speak out.

Let it be known that you aren’t in support for once in your life.

Start from there.

If you no fit, then remain a disgusting coward that you have always been.



Photo credits: @relegallery Muyiwa Akinwolere

Call To Arms

A time for a revolution calls.

Who will fight?

No be me oh! 

Who will lead? 

No be me oh! 

Who will join this protest? 

No be me oh! 

Who will post on IG, Facebook,Twitter and whatever social apps we have now?

Oh pick me pick me,  I’ll do it. 

This is our story. 

Prolonging our suffering.

The reason bokoharam prevails till tomorrow is no fear of death, as deluded as it may seem. A life where their beliefs aren’t accepted isn’t life to them. 

When you become a victim to corruption, rotten governance or the economy as a whole. Don’t post that shit on social media. You should be ashamed to let the world see our bullshit. They will not help us, neither will they fight for us when we don’t want to fight ourselves. 

Beat your chest and let the change start with you. You litter any street and you are Nigeria’s enemy definitely not better than a politician embezzling millions of funds. 

We need a revolution,  and when it’s here; it is a Nigerian believe it or not that will still handle the reins.

Until then sit back and enjoy decades of corruption, poor governance,and crime.

And don’t even think of praying, fucking cowards!

That’s what you deserve. 


Pic credits: @babajidebolatunji

Pidgin 101

pigdin 101


Pidgin is a language popularly and widely spoken and accepted in Nigeria.

It facilitates acceptance, respect and also unity amongst Nigerians.

Even in disagreements, pidgin soothes the mind, although it could aggravate the situation as fastly as it also calms.

Whatever you want to convey is fastly translated,

 Confusion is never evident.


Ehen: This could fit virtually into any conversation.

 This could convey awe, reintroduction of a topic, disbelief, continuation of a topic, affirmation, satisfaction,etc

EG; Ehen so you don marry? – wow y.ou are married?

Ehen my sister – as i was saying my sister

Ehen so he die yesterday – he died yesterday !!!

Note: pronounciation is key.


Na wa oh: This is used to express the novelty of the situation.

This is often expressed by a Nigerian who is getting irrational or Impatient.


Abeg : This means please but don’t be fooled, it could also convey disrespect.

Eg; Abeg no vex: this means please dont be angry

 Abeg make i hear word; please shut up

 The reaction of the person spoken to will be different in these two Situation.                        Use  wisely!!!


Wetin: This basically means ‘what’


Shey ; Listen attentively; its a tricky one.

 The rules of concord applies here.

 In the formation of a question, this means’ was’, ‘were’ as well as ‘did’.

 ‘Was’ is used in the first person singular (i) and third person singular   

   (he, she, it), and ‘were’ is used in the second person singular and plural (you,

   your, yours) and first and third person plural(they ,we).

   For the purpose of explaining further;

      me= i

      na= it is, it’s, i,

      him= he, she, it

      you= you

      them= they

      we= we

      no= *negative

      Am = her,him

  Eg; shey na me thief am? – was i the one that stole it

  Shey na him marry yesterday? _ wasn’t he the one that got married


   Shey no be them break am?- weren’t they the ones that broke* it

   *pigdin language rarely recognises the forms of a verb

     Shey na you kill am? – did you kill him ?

     ‘Shey na’ could also depict sarcasm or rhetorical questions.


JARE – This basically lays emphasis on the sentence its stated in.

Eg; carry your bag jare – carry your bag

dey go jare – go

he is my friend jare – he is my friend.


Mumu – This means a stupid person.

Mostly used in fights or disagreements.

……to be continued


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