Draw Your Ear

How to resist destructive directions paved by others.

1. Mind your business.

2.Let the hurt go.

3.Look the other way.

Baby girl, a lot of people go around causing hurt and pain and one day you will be at the receiving end.

4. Don’t act on it.

Your dream?

Pursue am.

Make É no be say you pursue am because you dey vex for person.

Draw your ear well well..


Photocredits: @marcellina_oseghale




Children Children..

When you make stupid choices

Stop thinking that someone also made that choice and turned out fine.

Please don’t do it.

You have the power to say,’This is a stupid choice, I will not continue in this, I’ll take another path.

Those who turned out fine made stupid choices at one time ,and you are sure of that fact. I’m sure u saw or heard it happen.

When they make that decision to take a different path, it will not be announced.

Things just get better and you remain deluded.


Photo credits: Muyiwa Akinwolere

Stardom 101

You keep waiting on something big to happen;

And when it does

You don’t notice because you are on another search,something bigger to happen.

Everyone does though, they notice what you do and what you say and how you talk, what colours are your favorite,how you eat and how you drink,what makes you angry and how you react when you are angry,..

Some of them will notice your struggle and how you search for something bigger

Some of them will envy the fact that you don’t even notice what you have.

And envy is a green eyed monster and it does what monsters do best.

Best pray you survive those attacks.

While on the initial search, you made some promises, loved, made mistakes, you were human.

You were so certain of what you will do when that something big comes.

Lol, but you don’t notice or maybe forgot so soon.

Some of u, na for mind u dey talk the good thin u go do when e happen,

Some of u na for mouth u talk am, hmm

They watch you,

A generation that powers on fame

You are famous and fame was made to be shared.

They wouldn’t let you keep it all to yourself.

Now you are human, but you have been exposed to these inhuman attacks

Final Stage : You start withdrawing to a corner to avoid attacks, away from the spotlights.

Everyone breaks; never forget that.

You don die…


Photo credits: @jean__fidele

See Me

Every day you wake up

Life has a lesson for you.

How you react to what happens around you is either a pass or fail

Some of us just dey fail dey go.

Always ask yourself, what lesson is to be learnt here.

Is it love, kindness, forgiveness, appreciation, respect,etc

Some of us start to pay attention when it’s late.

Life no dey tire, É go ask you the same question anytime É like.

So I never get mad when someone does the opposite of what I would have done.

You fail today no mean say you no go answer am anoda day.

I hope you get it right the next time.


Photocredits: @byalannacahill

Glory Abandoned


A vast word; as old as time.

Our nature; crucial to human existence

At least this was what it used to be.

Do I take you back to the earlier times of human existence, where the activities consisted of :

-hunting for feeding

-Mountain climbing to expand horizons

-running to escape predators

-engaging in physical combats to protect

-Long walks to change environment

-swimming for specific reasons like bathing or hunting

Or do I take you back to when horses had stronger spirits;

-the time of jousting, chariot racing ?

The competitive nature of man twisted it up a bit and voila,’We have sports!’

Do Your Homework.

Even while companions, limbs and lives were lost. The journey wasn’t started with nothing less than glory in mind.

Glory was the motto.

Glory was the ultimate payback.

Legends was what we became.

We only felt human when a competition arose.

Champions was what we were when victory called.

Glory abandoned for wealth is what I see now.


The summoning

I hadn’t seen her for a long time

And when I was summoned,

I was honored ,and I made sure I looked my best.

I couldn’t recognise you, your mistakes masked you completely from head to toe.

I cried, and I was sent back.

I had to promise I wouldn’t cry anymore.

I had to hold it all in, everything was so sad and I had to hold it in. Which kind thing be that?!

You say ‘don’t show your weakness, Its not the reason you are here’.

I can say I have mastered the act to perfection mama.


To Make You Vex

In this war of crime, I take no sides.

A Nation crippled.

The amount of news of various evil committed by Men flooding the social media has desensitized me, I must confess.

Ritual killings, defiling of little kids, looting of funds we didn’t even think was possible.

Now I just read and say oh well, wetin concern me?!

Let them kill themselves and get it over with.

Sooner than you think the wave of crime will hit you, brace yourself.

Any of you without crime should throw the first stone, I dare you..

Its easier to do it behind the safety of your username on social media.

What I dare you to do is to shun even the littlest acts of crime happening around you.

Speak out.

Let it be known that you aren’t in support for once in your life.

Start from there.

If you no fit, then remain a disgusting coward that you have always been.



Photo credits: @relegallery Muyiwa Akinwolere

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