Spoil finish.

Evil… Meet Evil You are to become friends and become more evil.

Evil… Meet Good You are to…

Abeg who dey roast pig dey lean?


Photocredits : Malcom Liekpe

Call To Arms

A time for a revolution calls.

Who will fight?

No be me oh! 

Who will lead? 

No be me oh! 

Who will join this protest? 

No be me oh! 

Who will post on IG, Facebook,Twitter and whatever social apps we have now?

Oh pick me pick me,  I’ll do it. 

This is our story. 

Prolonging our suffering.

The reason bokoharam prevails till tomorrow is no fear of death, as deluded as it may seem. A life where their beliefs aren’t accepted isn’t life to them. 

When you become a victim to corruption, rotten governance or the economy as a whole. Don’t post that shit on social media. You should be ashamed to let the world see our bullshit. They will not help us, neither will they fight for us when we don’t want to fight ourselves. 

Beat your chest and let the change start with you. You litter any street and you are Nigeria’s enemy definitely not better than a politician embezzling millions of funds. 

We need a revolution,  and when it’s here; it is a Nigerian believe it or not that will still handle the reins.

Until then sit back and enjoy decades of corruption, poor governance,and crime.

And don’t even think of praying, fucking cowards!

That’s what you deserve. 


Pic credits: @babajidebolatunji

First Chances

I see situations like this everyday,where i have to suppress continuously the urge to say to someone,’you are wrong!

I wouldn’t want everyone thinking that this aunty talks too much.So I come here where I can be my talkative self.

We pray for help everyday.What happens when the helper God has assigned to you isn’t just in the mood. Whatever your reasons are for not lending a helping hand today is justified by you and you alone.My hand is not there oh..

Something happened the other day at the office, the generator machine malfunctioned  and we had been trying to get intouch with the guy who fixes it up.

For days we couldn’t get a hold of him, so a young man suggested someone else fix it. This wasn’t i pass my neighbour generator so i knew not just any one could fix it. 

The boy he suggested looked frail and didn’t have any tools with him, but he looked confident that he could fix it. I was skeptical about letting him anywhere near the gen.

My boss wanted a solution as soon as possible so he succumbed.Some minutes passed and i went downstairs to check d progress,this young boy  was using his teeth to untie a knot because his tools were limited.

I made a life changing decision not to be a bad belle. If this is is where life bus has dropped him off , he should at least get a chance.I gave him space to work.

The problem with the world is that the people have become less accommodating with each other.Give someone a chance.Help someone today.

By the way, the generator machine is still working fine..