“No weapon fashioned against me shall prosper;while I stroll consciously on the path that leads to destruction.


Photocredits: @lexonart


Confessions Of A Demi-god

Me!, I don’t ask for much,

When your demand gets higher; The price hikes up, what am I to do ?

Me! I don’t lie..

The truth is the Others aren’t really on a cordial base with me so If i want something I got to trade for it.

Nkan o n lo fun nkan*

If I could steal it away for your sake I would,but

Me!,I can’t steal

We are all the same in a way but just one distinction.

You see ;This is a race.

We can go to lengths you can’t, but we require what only you can provide.



Photocredits @peju.alatise

Man know thyself

To see a god. MAN KNOW THYSELF.

What’s the true purpose of life? Why are we even here? It surely can’t be about eating hurting hitting material goals and eventually death. I believe the singular purpose of life is achieving a god status.

“Man know thyself” God called sounded over and again in the Bible, we are just here to dominate, to create,to give life,to love. We are here to remember. We are here to transcend into god-beings.

And the one thing God is, is love. You’ve lived a meaningless life till you rid yourself of fear- the source of everything negative.

Open up your mind like that of a child, and surrender to live. And it begins with loving yourself, you can’t give what you don’t have.

Poem by Wari @ wadaen

Ayò {A game of wits}

A story is to be learned here;

Piled up mistakes;

You’d think, you will know better in time; then

You’d think, you should know better; then

You’d think and even muster up the courage to say you know better.

See your mouth,

Then you gather your offsprings to feed them your half-baked solutions.

Shey you see this world?!

It is not your mate.


Photocredits: @jean__fidele

No hanging.

Growing up, you are bound to meet people who don’t like to share.

“Give me my thing back ”

It catapults me to a much earlier age when it wasn’t properly concealed that you had overstayed your welcome.

I see the creator do the same, everyday.

He’s tired of sharing, then He takes you back.

“abeg no hang for my back”


Photocredits : @basquiatart