A letter from a New-Born.

Wad up?!

 I got here okay, traffic was a bitch, but I got to earth fine. The intro- cry sounded a bit stage managed to me but they’d never notice, you know the drill..

Also my parents are alright, I should say average , considering the way the hospital reeked of enough cleaning agents to stop a brother’s heart.

The new-borns that got here before me were a little chatty, so I’ll say my night wasn’t a boring one.They spoke of numerous things, which got me concerned. It seems earth isn’t all rosy for even us the new-borns.


Gone are the days of bedtime stories; that I could deal with.     Shit’s gotten old anyway.

The worst are not shielded from us any more… 

The information exposed to us are a bit too much, don’t you think?

I’m starting to panic!….                         

I hear those before us don’t make sacrifices no more; the hell am I supposed to survive now?                                          I was taught that was really mandatory over here!

Forced to learn it all at once,   Forced to grow up,                           Forced to fight the wars of those who were here first…

Damn I should have come way much earlier.