I traveled through lagos and noticed a lot of things, but to mention the most evident. I noticed Change.

Dilapidated buildings

Shattered enterprises or simply parted in half

The homeless losing rest havens

The market women getting more cranky over displaced stalls.

Do you get lost in familiar places now unknown ?

Don’t alight at that bustop ohh; it i

sn’t the way through anymore.

Relocation becomes mandatory.

Longer minutes in traffic; impatience has ruined us, has it not?

We are forced to understand that the way up is down.

Yes! The sermon is on, crouch to wherever you have to go.

Amen! And we rise…

Eko ó ni baje



To my very few readers, I say I’m sorry that I have been away for too long. 

Formally, when I checked bbm channels and other blogging sites. I sometimes came across apologies made out to readers by bbm Chanel’s administrators and blog writers explaining their absence was due to a sort of phone malfunction..

Auntytalkytalky always had the notion that it was a hard boiled lie. I always thought,’Is it everytime this lot loses a phone,or it malfunctions abeg

Well,I know better now and I apologize.

Other than the fact that i visited my hometown and for some reasons    beyond my control, I stayed longer than I’d already planned to.My phone developed a fault which couldn’t be fixed till i got back to Lagos. 🙍🏽

The devil is still a liar.

Chrismas Oyoyo!!

  Compliments of the season!!!

I left home for a brief  Christmas visit and I was glad i did. I always bless God for the eventful life he lets me experience.i always have a lesson learnt by the time i’m back home.

I had a very interesting conversation with a young man that lets me know that he would rather spend higher and discomfort himself than give lower to someone he feels is trying to overcharge and rip him off. I felt sorry for him,’ you poor deluded creature’.Is this what Yuletide brings? 

I can’t forget this particular aged man. He is a cobbler, i ask him to fix my shoe and he starts yelling at me, ‘una no dey hear word, una no know say u suppose sew am before u wear am’. While I was busy wondering why he was taking it personal, i kept mute. Then he resumes, ‘this one Na money matter oh, for me to do am go take big money oh… Then I said,’ Oya baba how much because  I no really get much. I said this thinking this man would charge me up to 2000Naira. Believe me I felt disappointed when this man opened up his mouth to say,’ Na 200 Naira oh’. I kept thinking, did this man keep screaming with 200 Naira in mind all this time? Is this what Yuletide brings too?

Arguments brewing ahead of me; 

The Young Man, Elderly woman and a Middle-aged man. 

I lessened the pace at which I was walking; yea I’m a fast walker. I walked past just in time to overhear the young man asking in clear disbelief,’ wait are you still asking me to apologize?’. You see, he had told his own side of the story but was still asked to apologize.He stormed off in anger exposing his really bad walking posture. I shrugged as I walked past but auntytalkytalky couldn’t stop asking herself . Is this what Yuletide brings?


Auntytalkytalky came across this on IG some days back.

Please what is the meaning of this one?

Just as the preacher abruptly interrupts the reader consecutively; so are no-brainer beauty pageants and talent shows conducted, never has the grand prize ever been this low.

Don’t get Auntytalkytalky wrong, I’m not angry at those who put these up because at the end of the day, it falls down to Sponsors not necessarily the organizers.

Is this a sign that literary talent will never be fully recognized in Nigeria ?Na Wa oh! 

Oya come and love me


We started as we only knew how to, me being the ever unavailable one and you the no nonsense one. As the days passed, we grew as we only knew how to, me being the one who hardly succumbed to her mistakes and you the very angry one.

We hope to make it to when we would walk in sync someday.

Until then let’s kiss, let’s make love, let’s argue, let’s fight, let’s make up after a few hours, let’s make fun of each other, lets hurt each other, let’s call each other names, let’s share our secrets, let’s make promises to each other, lets build each other, let’s miss each other, let’s make sacrifices for each other, let’s pray for each other.

Love me, let me love you.



  Auntytalkytalky strayed a bit and found this song, and I thought wow just wow! 

Mr Olumaintain- Nawti rmx  ft. SeyiShay,Cynthia Morgan, Yemi Alade, Victoria Kimani, Emma Nyra

Download here: 

The Summit


Making it to the explosive summit turned out to be a Herculean task, for even gra- gra Auntytalkytalky. From battling away from a garage boy at Maza-Maza who later got a beat down from a law enforcement officer passing by and purchasing a ticket at cross- country transport company which was the worst decision yet for this year to arriving at Abuja at 2 am.
Phone battery drained, I believe I had turned it off to preserve what was left of the battery to make a call when I arrived. But my ‘I too sabi’ no help me this time.

Devastation, Anger, Hunger, The need to take a bath.The windows were left open. We had being lied to about the air conditioner crap (thiefy- thiefy people).I had my shades on and a white handkerchief tied around my nose, looking badass though. I remembered blessing my friend,she had convinced me to get the sun shades at @sisiekolifestyle more than a month ago.

The circumstances we had endured had created a bond between us the passengers, even the driver found a wife in the young lady at the first row of seats.Through the help of a mutually angered passenger, I got my battery charged. As fast as possible I placed a call to the two most important men in my life and I knew everything would be alright. Although I’ll say this Auntytalkytalky highly disagrees with the notion of going to a stranger’s home for any reason. 

After a few hours I was picked up by the explosive team. I pleaded for a few more hours to get my dust covered self in order, and my plea was granted.

I got to the venue in time for the arrival of the guest speakers.The experience was innovative and enlightening.The summit was all I had hoped it would be and more.I met alike minds and had discussions with beautiful people, bloggers: , and and an amazing animator Agu Rex (great minds). I spent the rest of the night with the most amazing family, I deduced this just by looking at the help.

The driver just pulled over, Oh God, please this shouldn’t be a sequel. Wait, i am coming..