Nightmares And Daydreams

These days my nightmares have nothing on my daydreams.

I keep shuddering, blanking out.

No one is living their dream, only still trying to.

The graves are filled with regrets alas.

A minefield of the mind,

Trapping you, making you work relentlessly toward it.

Approval from all sides and disapproval from where it matters the most.

Do I just stop here and now?

But na only two option you get

Run or Get Trampled over.

If you run, you go run sote you go tire and you go still see say finish line na death so.

If you don’t, those daydreams that made you hope, will be your undoing.

Na life be that.


Photo credits: Isaac Emokpae


Ask Am First

Atrocities and Troubles combined?

Make i ask am?, abi make I no ask am?

E go answer me?, abi e no go answer me?


Whatever your worries and troubles are;

Ask am first.


The Essence Of Freedom.
We still crave it. Day in Day out

We strive for it,

We’d fight for it,

We would entertain our worst ideas,

Get a note, this is the one time you get your priorities right all the time.

Your bad decisions created a trail in which you followed religiously, now you are chained.. 

As you make your bed 

You’ll need permissions … a few ‘Abeg now’ every now and then.

But listen;

Your jailer is your prisoner too..

Release him.



Photo credits: @ima_mfon

Reply to a divorce letter..


I had to step to the gym,

I had this feeling making me a little blotted

You left before I’d awoken; I have no idea and I have stopped trying to understand.

I got back and you served me a letter.

I had just complained of the temperature…. I’m about to do it again..

I have a letter for you too…

Go Joor..

It’s amazing and equally sad how a single act of treachery can make u unhappy for the rest of your life..

Even when you muster up the courage to forgive, the stigma is traumatic still.

Treacherous, Treacherous you!

I block out conversations because I want to be unhappy.Hey,’I’m in a moment here’.DO NOT DISTURB.

The mood is set.Lara Larsson’s uncover on repeat. It’s kinda unrelated but it’s what you want anyway.


To all them Social-Climbers…



When your relatives called you that in your earlier days; it seemed as a tease.       Hmm; Ogbeni your matter surpasses the friendly exchanges of food between your seat mate at pre-school.

The stage is set; You have to befriend the most intellectual.

Nurse them and befriend them some more until intellectuality pays off.



Come on sing it with me now,

Now the perfect touch is mastering the act of deciding what role u want to play in their life.

You love taking pictures of him?,very good! You are now a top photographer.No stress.

She enjoys your company too much?, You are known as the famous lady that is a friend to a famous lady, who wouldn’t be famous if her friend hadn’t gone to get famous..Dang It!!

You keep shoving love smoke up his ass….,and you bet your last naira that in time you would turn out the girlfriend, mistress, or wife.

The next time you are showing up for a game of cards;come along with your latest work of art, I’ll bet MTN would want to sign you now…

You , my friend is a Social Climber..


I traveled through lagos and noticed a lot of things, but to mention the most evident. I noticed Change.

Dilapidated buildings

Shattered enterprises or simply parted in half

The homeless losing rest havens

The market women getting more cranky over displaced stalls.

Do you get lost in familiar places now unknown ?

Don’t alight at that bustop ohh; it i

sn’t the way through anymore.

Relocation becomes mandatory.

Longer minutes in traffic; impatience has ruined us, has it not?

We are forced to understand that the way up is down.

Yes! The sermon is on, crouch to wherever you have to go.

Amen! And we rise…

Eko ó ni baje