See Me

Every day you wake up

Life has a lesson for you.

How you react to what happens around you is either a pass or fail

Some of us just dey fail dey go.

Always ask yourself, what lesson is to be learnt here.

Is it love, kindness, forgiveness, appreciation, respect,etc

Some of us start to pay attention when it’s late.

Life no dey tire, É go ask you the same question anytime É like.

So I never get mad when someone does the opposite of what I would have done.

You fail today no mean say you no go answer am anoda day.

I hope you get it right the next time.


Photocredits: @byalannacahill

Author: auntytalkytalky

Auntytalkytalky is a writer inspired by circumstances, a talkative by nature. Some are afraid to talk, she is afraid of shutting up. Enjoy!!!