Nightmares And Daydreams

These days my nightmares have nothing on my daydreams.

I keep shuddering, blanking out.

No one is living their dream, only still trying to.

The graves are filled with regrets alas.

A minefield of the mind,

Trapping you, making you work relentlessly toward it.

Approval from all sides and disapproval from where it matters the most.

Do I just stop here and now?

But na only two option you get

Run or Get Trampled over.

If you run, you go run sote you go tire and you go still see say finish line na death so.

If you don’t, those daydreams that made you hope, will be your undoing.

Na life be that.


Photo credits: Isaac Emokpae


Author: auntytalkytalky

Auntytalkytalky is a writer inspired by circumstances, a talkative by nature. Some are afraid to talk, she is afraid of shutting up. Enjoy!!!