To Make You Vex

In this war of crime, I take no sides.

A Nation crippled.

The amount of news of various evil committed by Men flooding the social media has desensitized me, I must confess.

Ritual killings, defiling of little kids, looting of funds we didn’t even think was possible.

Now I just read and say oh well, wetin concern me?!

Let them kill themselves and get it over with.

Sooner than you think the wave of crime will hit you, brace yourself.

Any of you without crime should throw the first stone, I dare you..

Its easier to do it behind the safety of your username on social media.

What I dare you to do is to shun even the littlest acts of crime happening around you.

Speak out.

Let it be known that you aren’t in support for once in your life.

Start from there.

If you no fit, then remain a disgusting coward that you have always been.



Photo credits: @relegallery Muyiwa Akinwolere


Author: auntytalkytalky

Auntytalkytalky is a writer inspired by circumstances, a talkative by nature. Some are afraid to talk, she is afraid of shutting up. Enjoy!!!