To all them Social-Climbers…



When your relatives called you that in your earlier days; it seemed as a tease.       Hmm; Ogbeni your matter surpasses the friendly exchanges of food between your seat mate at pre-school.

The stage is set; You have to befriend the most intellectual.

Nurse them and befriend them some more until intellectuality pays off.



Come on sing it with me now,

Now the perfect touch is mastering the act of deciding what role u want to play in their life.

You love taking pictures of him?,very good! You are now a top photographer.No stress.

She enjoys your company too much?, You are known as the famous lady that is a friend to a famous lady, who wouldn’t be famous if her friend hadn’t gone to get famous..Dang It!!

You keep shoving love smoke up his ass….,and you bet your last naira that in time you would turn out the girlfriend, mistress, or wife.

The next time you are showing up for a game of cards;come along with your latest work of art, I’ll bet MTN would want to sign you now…

You , my friend is a Social Climber..

Author: auntytalkytalky

Auntytalkytalky is a writer inspired by circumstances, a talkative by nature. Some are afraid to talk, she is afraid of shutting up. Enjoy!!!

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