Na who I go ask 3

‘I go comot for this house today!!’, their usual  fight had ensued again. An eyebrow wasn’t even raised as I passed the guardman and his wife at my hostel gate. Nuisance was the word that came to mind. 

All settled in?,Pants off, Music on, Shower, very spicy noodles, The Dishes!( Im really scared of cockroaches), The movie series Power , while anticipating the arrival of my roommate to tell her about the crazy day I had…Settled!.

I’m jolted up the next morning by my ringtone,which reminded me for the hundredth time that it had to be changed.I had slept off during the movie,i checked my phone and the number wasn’t familiar.


Stranger:Hello,It’s Mathew.


I was getting irritated,’hurry up will you?

Mathew: you give me your number for road…hello….hello… U dey there…talk na 

I was wide awake now, perspiration followed.

Me: yes yes I know 

Mathew: a beg make we see today in the afternoon.

Me: I’ll let you know if I’m free after church.

Stranger:Okay a beg call me when u ready.

 The Sunday service was a blessed one. Soon I was home and ready for the ‘date’.I was dressed as casual as casual could get. Black pants and an orange coloured blouse.I called and suggested the closest location, he agreed to it.

An off-white polo shirt, faded jeans and nervousness was all I could see from afar as I walked up to meet him. He asked me how the service was and said what every other person says. ‘It was Fine’

‘Please I will have a meat-pie and a special Ice-cream’,I was trying to stick to the cheapest option on d menu.Soon my order was delivered and we were chatting and eating at the same time,against my wish.

I listened to him spill gibberish about his mother wanting to see me, and how he wished to take me to his house. I politely refused,he didn’t take this well but cowardly stayed fake happy throughout the date.

I got home still trying to believe if I misheard what he said to me or not.     With a mouthful I disgustedly listened as he said,’Shey you are my girlfriend naw ?’.I replied saying that I would think on it and get back to him.

Mathew’s calls were avoided for over a month.The day i summoned the courage to tell him the decision i had already made on that very first  and last date,it ensued like this;



Author: auntytalkytalky

Auntytalkytalky is a writer inspired by circumstances, a talkative by nature. Some are afraid to talk, she is afraid of shutting up. Enjoy!!!

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