Pidgin 101

pigdin 101


Pidgin is a language popularly and widely spoken and accepted in Nigeria.

It facilitates acceptance, respect and also unity amongst Nigerians.

Even in disagreements, pidgin soothes the mind, although it could aggravate the situation as fastly as it also calms.

Whatever you want to convey is fastly translated,

 Confusion is never evident.


Ehen: This could fit virtually into any conversation.

 This could convey awe, reintroduction of a topic, disbelief, continuation of a topic, affirmation, satisfaction,etc

EG; Ehen so you don marry? – wow y.ou are married?

Ehen my sister – as i was saying my sister

Ehen so he die yesterday – he died yesterday !!!

Note: pronounciation is key.


Na wa oh: This is used to express the novelty of the situation.

This is often expressed by a Nigerian who is getting irrational or Impatient.


Abeg : This means please but don’t be fooled, it could also convey disrespect.

Eg; Abeg no vex: this means please dont be angry

 Abeg make i hear word; please shut up

 The reaction of the person spoken to will be different in these two Situation.                        Use  wisely!!!


Wetin: This basically means ‘what’


Shey ; Listen attentively; its a tricky one.

 The rules of concord applies here.

 In the formation of a question, this means’ was’, ‘were’ as well as ‘did’.

 ‘Was’ is used in the first person singular (i) and third person singular   

   (he, she, it), and ‘were’ is used in the second person singular and plural (you,

   your, yours) and first and third person plural(they ,we).

   For the purpose of explaining further;

      me= i

      na= it is, it’s, i,

      him= he, she, it

      you= you

      them= they

      we= we

      no= *negative

      Am = her,him

  Eg; shey na me thief am? – was i the one that stole it

  Shey na him marry yesterday? _ wasn’t he the one that got married


   Shey no be them break am?- weren’t they the ones that broke* it

   *pigdin language rarely recognises the forms of a verb

     Shey na you kill am? – did you kill him ?

     ‘Shey na’ could also depict sarcasm or rhetorical questions.


JARE – This basically lays emphasis on the sentence its stated in.

Eg; carry your bag jare – carry your bag

dey go jare – go

he is my friend jare – he is my friend.


Mumu – This means a stupid person.

Mostly used in fights or disagreements.

……to be continued


See Your Face

aunty take !

Just as world be so na so satan be o.

Imagine say me and you wan promote product, wetin we go do?

sabi we go find marketers whey go enter street tell them say oya” make una go telle them say this product just chook head come out.


my people na so Satan be so. he just carry hem marketers full street,

And these people don waka go sha

how i go wan watch film and film go come dey tell me say the apple adam chop give us freewill.

which kind freewill be that?



E get as person go sin, e go get to dey open hem eyes when he dey ask forgiveness.


Mr marketer,so upon all the people whey fill this big world, na my head sweet you to chop promotion ontop abi

make u no vex, i no  get money to buy this one

ann your oga no just get sense,clearly delusional.


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Village this time.




*Reluctance to greet; because everyone is a suspect apparently.

*Expectation of respect from the young; unless you are a good for nothing.

*I heard the cock crow every morning.So you dont miss it,it crows more than a few times{31 times to be exact}.

*I watched bats perform aerobatics while trying to get back into the roof.It was hilarious, believe me.

*AHA! Antagonizers of the village head, aka IGWE.

*Juicy gossip is illustrated like this;do as i say,its pretty easy.’Fold your arms really tight across your chest’.

*TOWNCRIERS!!!! You dont see that everyday so i was elated.Everytime he showed up, he was without a shirt,i can explain that.

                                         THATS    ALL    FOLKS!!!



The Essence Of Freedom.
We still crave it. Day in Day out

We strive for it,

We’d fight for it,

We would entertain our worst ideas,

Get a note, this is the one time you get your priorities right all the time.

Your bad decisions created a trail in which you followed religiously, now you are chained.. 

As you make your bed 

You’ll need permissions … a few ‘Abeg now’ every now and then.

But listen;

Your jailer is your prisoner too..

Release him.



Photo credits: @ima_mfon

First Chances

I see situations like this everyday,where i have to suppress continuously the urge to say to someone,’you are wrong!

I wouldn’t want everyone thinking that this aunty talks too much.So I come here where I can be my talkative self.

We pray for help everyday.What happens when the helper God has assigned to you isn’t just in the mood. Whatever your reasons are for not lending a helping hand today is justified by you and you alone.My hand is not there oh..

Something happened the other day at the office, the generator machine malfunctioned  and we had been trying to get intouch with the guy who fixes it up.

For days we couldn’t get a hold of him, so a young man suggested someone else fix it. This wasn’t i pass my neighbour generator so i knew not just any one could fix it. 

The boy he suggested looked frail and didn’t have any tools with him, but he looked confident that he could fix it. I was skeptical about letting him anywhere near the gen.

My boss wanted a solution as soon as possible so he succumbed.Some minutes passed and i went downstairs to check d progress,this young boy  was using his teeth to untie a knot because his tools were limited.

I made a life changing decision not to be a bad belle. If this is is where life bus has dropped him off , he should at least get a chance.I gave him space to work.

The problem with the world is that the people have become less accommodating with each other.Give someone a chance.Help someone today.

By the way, the generator machine is still working fine..